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Free Hotels in Acapulco Beach Mexico


Acapulco Mexico, one of the most magnificent tourist destinations in the world,is known for its amazing views, romantic oceanfront resorts, wild pulsating nightlife, picture perfect golden beaches, unlimited water sports, luxury hotels, international gourmet restaurants and mesmerizing physical beauty of Acapulco Bay. If you want to holiday at a FREE ACAPULCO BEACH HOTEL then you must resort to a little creativity while understanding the proper methods to book and stay for free in Acapulco. First lets examine the information about Acapulco tourism and hotels accommodations.

Acapulco famous hotel & resorts are amongst the finest in the world with romantic sensuality and prestigious clientele with beautiful people partying until the sun comes up. Acapulco bay with its pristine beaches and warm waters have been a magnet to movie stars, rich and famous billionaire's and some of the worlds most famous people since the days of Hollywood. Acapulco had been voted as one of the worlds most beautiful romantic cities with its strategic resort location full of the perfectly formed beaches, year round guaranteed sunshine and gorgeous hilltop villas. For free vacation you can find a hilltop villa that is owned by a Hollywood movie star or internet mogul and ask if they need a house sitter. Villas in Acapulco have been occupied by the owners for less than 2 months per year. The over 10 months most Acapulco mansions and Villa resorts are empty so the owners are always looking for a good responsible tourist to stay and watch their villas for Free. That's right for Free! The reason is that its better to have someone stay at the villas rather than keep it empty for fear of vandalism and damage during hurricanes or earthquakes which happen frequently all over Mexico.

Español: Edificio del Hotel Crowne Plaza en Ac...
Español: Edificio del Hotel Crowne Plaza en Acapulco, Guerrero, México. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Once you have found your Free Acapulco Hotel or Villa, you can discover the endless adventures that Acapulco has to offer. First of all,  did you know that Acapulco bay is world famous fishing destination with an annual sail fishing championship that is legendary because everyone seems to catch sailfish. The bay of Acapulco is also amazing for world class snorkeling and Scuba diving, jet-ski and riding at full speed across Acapulco Bay or even para sailing above the golden beaches of the bay.

Acapulco referred to by the local Mexicans as "Acapulco de Juárez" is a city and major sea port in the state of Guerrero on the western Pacific coast of Mexico, 300 kilometers southwest from the capital Mexico City.  Acapulco beach is surrounded by high mountains on a deep, half moon bay and has been a secret pirates port since the early Spanish conquistadors period of Mexico’s history. International shipping and cruise ships sail between Panama and San Francisco, California, United States every day. Acapulco city is the largest populated city in this southern Mexican beach state, far larger than the state capital Chilpancingo. Acapulco is also Mexico's largest beach and vacation destination featuring over 1,000 hotels, resorts, villas and vacation homes for sale or for rent.


In reality Acapulco is best known as Mexico’s oldest and most world famous beach resorts, because of the exposure in the 1950s as a secret romantic getaway for Hollywood movie stars and millionaires like Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and even the world's richest billionaire, Mecico's Carlos Slims who all own vacation villas right on Acapulco clifftop beaches. The huge stunning night clubs that surround the hilltops of Acapulco are famous for wild uninhibited partying nightlife and attract many young beautiful holiday vacationers from around the world that tend to stay in many of Acapulco's luxury high rise hotels.

For a List of Free Acapulco hotels, Villas & Resorts you have to contact the Acapulco links and send them an email or just pick up skype and call them directly. Or if you cant be bothered you can always just buy a cheap Acapulco hotel deal and begin the vacation of a lifetime in Beautiful Acapulco beach in Mexico. 

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Beautiful Bay Of Acapulco Mexico Beach

If you are planning a trip to Acapulco Mexico make sure you stay connected with your family and freinds back home.  You can call from your cell phone but its really expensive so lets look a cheap international calling cards from Mexico. Internet access is critical to find lots of solutions so its good to know that there are Starbucks internet cafes everywhere in Mexico and every hotel resort on Acapulco beach have internet cafes. If your on a cruise ship dont worry the luxury cruises also have internet phone calls for free. But first lets check out Starbucks for internet Cafe locations.  The prices of internatioanl calling cards are MUCH cheaper than cruise ships, however the connections are really slow even though finding an internet cafe somewhere close by.

Another good tip is don't walk around with your laptop  especially if you use a internet phone or cyber cafe that is your best option although there are not many Calling Cardsin Mexico unless you access via Mexnet your best option is to enjoy the Acapulco beach & night life and use the internet when your back on board your mexican cruise ship.  My Acapulco condo they had free Internet and phone card service at the front desk but then they cahrged me $2 for 15 minutes. Just look around and ask the locals for an internet cafe. If you planto walk around with your laptop remember no way or you might not have it when you get back to your Acapulco hotel.

If your looking for free Internet Access in Mexico you can get cable or wireless WiFi Internet access from Acapulco's cable monopoly at Telecable. Or you can also get PBX Internet through Mexican Prodigy/Telmex, but you will need to get a phone line installed at your residence, which cost a fortune. and Telmex has the absolute worst customer service, so you will probably have to go weeks at a time without Internet access if you use Prodigy PBX while you holiday in Mexico.

If you don't need daily Internet access, there are plenty of Internet cafés all over Acapulco. Cell Phones in Mexico operate the same types of Mobile Cell Phones companies like Brackberry, Apple iPhone, Google Android, Razar and Verizon, Nokia and all the rest of the Cell phone internet companies that are currently serving the Acapulco area.

For more information about vacations in the Acapulco, Cancun, Ixtapa, Cuba, Carribean, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Central and South America and Mexico, visit the Cuba Travel Guide to the Caribbean, Mexico, Cuba & Beyond.

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Acapulco features some of the worlds' most famous beach resorts. The gleaming, calm Pacific waters, pristine beaches, and tropical climate will captivate you. This Mexican port city offers the opportunity for rest and rejuvenation as you soak up the warmth of the sun or the excitement and adventure of scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, bungee jumping, and deep-sea fishing. You will not want to miss snorkeling and scuba diving at the Isla de la Roqueta, the stunning sunsets at the beach of Pie de la Cuesta, and the daring cliff divers at La Quebrada. Acapulco is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, first-class hotels, and gourmet restaurants. Your trip to Acapulco will stimulate your senses, nourish your soul, and captivate your heart.

Legendary for its glamour, Acapulco Mexico has long been a favorite of the jet set. Acapulco leapt into the international spotlight in the late 1930’s when movie stars made it their playground. Today, Acapulco attracts visitors with its glitzy nightlife and pristine beaches. Acapulco is the largest, loudest, and most boisterous resort in Mexico – yet seclusion from the port’s clamor can be found at several hotel properties. Acapulco offers over 300 hotels and boasts some of the world’s swankiest resorts, along with dozens of affordable beachfront choices.

Acapulco Mexico is set around a beautiful, crescent-shaped bay and backed by majestic mountains that tumble to the sea. Acapulco graciously blends captivating scenery with 24-hour excitement. From golf, tennis and water sports, to dining by the light of the moon and dancing under the stars, the action here is truly non-stop!

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Acapulco Bay in Mexico

One of the most exciting cities in the world, Acapulco is famous for its explosive nightlife, postcard beaches, unlimited water sports, first-class hotels, gourmet restaurants and the breath-taking physical beauty of Acapulco Bay!
Here you will find massive nightclubs that are state-of-the-art temples of sensuality packed wall-to-wall with beautiful people partying until sunrise. Acapulco's warm water bay and pristine beaches have been irresistible to humans since the days of the Aztec Empire. The Spanish immediately recognized the strategic advantages of the perfectly formed bay and used it as their base to explore across the Pacific. In fact, Acapulco was the only port in the New World authorized to receive Spanish galleons from the Philippines and China.
The fishing in Acapulco, particular sailfish, is legendary, in fact, it's news when someone doesn't catch a fish. The snorkeling and Scuba diving here are first rate and there is nothing as exciting as jumping on a jet-ski and riding at full throttle across Acapulco Bay.



Caleta Beach: Once the most popular beach in Acapulco, Caleta beach is located in the "old" part of the city. For swimming it is still one of the best in Acapulco, and so it is popular for families with kids however, please read the warning above. You will be approached by a steady flow of vendors, so do not expect to get much peace and quiet here.
Icacos Beach: Located in front of La Palapa Hotel, Playa Icacos is a favorite beach for vacationers and spring breakers. Parasailing and waverunners are readily available at both Icacos and Condesa Beach.

Condesa Beach: Located in the center of Acapulco Bay, Condesa beach is another popular beach for tourists and locals. Consequently, it is also a favorite spot for a variety of vendors who will be bothering you every 5 minutes. Icacos is better.

Puerto Marques: I like this beach, which is also the favorite of many Mexican tourists. Puerto Marques is located along the route to the airport and is 15-20 minute trip by bus from the main strip. The waves are usually fairly calm here. It's a good beach for taking pictures.

Revolcadero Beach: Located by the Princess Hotel near the airport, Playa Revolcadero is a beautiful and relatively private beach. Unless you are staying at Princess, it's a fairly long trip by bus. But if you want to relax at a more exclusive beach, this is your best bet. Eat at the cabanas for lunch.

Pie de la Cuesta: Plan to go here for the day and stay for the sunset. It's another longer trip, this time to the west. The waves can be huge here, so swimming is generally not recommended. There are some good seafood restaurants nearby, and it is a good escape from the busier beaches along the main strip. There is also a lagoon for waterskiing.

La Bonfil: The best waves for surfing (or so I am told - let me know if there is a better place). You can also swim here, but the waves are rather high. La Bonfil is located between Puerto Marques and Revolcadero Beach, so you need to take a little trip to get there. The beach itself is rather peaceful and doesn't have the usual horde of vendors.
Hornos Beach: Closer to the center of town, Hornos beach has calmer waves and is a popular beach for the local population.
Gay Beach: This is actually part of Condesa Beach and is located between Beto's Restaurant below the Bungy Jump and the Condesa Hotel. Visit Palapas nearby

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Regency Acapulco 

Hotel Hyatt

Acapulco DescriptionThe AAA Three-Diamond Hyatt Regency Acapulco is situated on the Bay of Acapulco, looking over the Pacific Ocean, and approximately 12 miles from Acapulco Airport. Hotel facilities include the sunset views over Acapulco Bay, two outdoor pools set in landscaped gardens, seasonal Camp Hyatt children's program, and the Alory Spa with massage rooms, sauna, steam bath, and Jacuzzi. Tennis and golf are only five minutes from the hotel. Each of the hotel restaurants and bars provide a unique ambience and distinct cuisine that includes Mexican specialties, seafood, bistro fare, and snacks. All rooms have marble bathrooms with bathtubs and showers, hairdryers, closets, digital phones with voicemail, individual air-conditioning controls, and sky TV.



Blushing brides—such a charming and antiquated concept!—fit right in at this venerable honeymoon hotel perched on a hill high above Acapulco Bay. Various makeovers over the years have updated the property since its 1950s heyday, but this grande dame isn't into trends. Bathtubs are scarce in the 263 spacious but simple casitas, and the linens and towels feel more like Fieldcrest than Frette. Still, old-school panache abounds. Waiters balancing room-service trays complete with flower vases deliver breakfast to each casita's door in the morning. A shuttle leaves every 20 minutes to bring guests to the beach club at the foot of the hills, where pools are set like glassy ponds amid boulders and palms. You can always be lazy and float in your casita's private plunge pool instead.) A sunset dinner at the French–Mexican Bellavista restaurant is the perfect way to end the day.